Эффективное управление командой

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develor-product-icon-effective-team-managementManaging individuals and teams is a challenge with differing elements and influencing opportunities for a manager. The program provides skills to develop an efficiently functioning team based on the phases of team development, taking into consideration the individual strengths of the members and the typical team roles, as added value.

Our program follows through the difficulties and managerial roles from establishing a team to the state of being unified, motivated and well performing. It provides suggestions for handling hard situations. E.g. What is to be done in case there is a decrease in the performance of the team as a whole; in case of conflicts, excessive competitions, crisis of trust or value?

The examination of successful teams shows common internal factors (knowledge of goals, trust, feedback, etc.) and it is the task of the manager to create and maintain these components. The manager needs to recognize how each individual can contribute to team performance and how he can stimulate this value in them.

By the end of the program,

participants will be able to recognize the extent of cooperation within the team, build trust toward the manager and positively influence the development of group dynamics, and as a result take the team’s performance to a higher level.

Potential follow-up courses

Target group

Managers with several subordinates who have to be managed as a team.

Duration: 2 days

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